Citronelle Veterinary Clinic

8485 State St.
Citronelle, Alabama 36522


Our Staff



Melinda is native to the Mobile area.  She began working with Dr. Salmon almost 20 years ago.  When he purchased the Citronelle Vet Clinic in 2012, he was lucky enough to get her to come and join the team.  She is dedicated to her husband, children, and pets.  If you want to get her talking, just ask her about Kenny Chesney.




Mandy is a local to Citronelle. She started working at the Citronelle Veterinary Clinic in August 2007.  Mandy and her husband Michael have been married for thirteen years.  They have six beloved pets- four dogs and two cats.  Mandy is involved with her community and church.  She is an active volunteer in Relay for Life  and a Sunday school teacher at Oasis Church.  In her free time, she enjoys photography and watching movies.

Darby is native to north Mobile county.  She began working at the Citronelle Vet Clinic in January 2018.  She is a student at Coastal Alabama Community College and soon will transfer to USA to study Biology.  In her free time, she draws, plays video games, and photographs animals.  She has two dogs and two cats.

Deborah is a resident of Fruitdale, AL, where she was born and raised.  She has a husband of nine years and one beautiful daughter.  She has four dogs, three cats, and a farm filled with goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, a turkey, and a rabbit.  She has enjoyed taking care of animals since she was a little girl.  Deborah enjoys camping, riding four-wheelers, going to the river, and graphic designing.  She is the president of the board for the Fruitdale Youth Cheerleading Program and is a member of the Fruitdale Fire Department.  She loves connecting with her patients.